celebrating and promoting personal voice in filmmaking

Berlin Liberi Film Festival - True Independent Film


Berlin Liberi Film Festival is a two day event the third weekend of December with one purpose only - to showcase and promote true independent films in Berlin!


Most films are no-budget but some films are with a bigger production level. We strive to celebrate and promote personal film making regardless of which shape and form it comes in. Experimental, Independent and Obscure films are in the very root of the festival, but the root itself is the personal expression, the free voice.


So far we have screened films from more than 50 different countries such as Brazil, Iran, USA, Russia, Sweden, Lebanon, Tunisia and of course Germany to name a few.



Become a Patron


We have a Patreon where you can stream Festival programs online!


This also means that if you would like to attend but cannot (for example not living in Berlin or even Germany) you can watch the selection online!


To find out more simply click the patreon logo below!


Watch films online


Would you like to see films from the festival and more to?


On the Streamingsite Illambra you can watch many films that have been at the festival directly online.


Illambra is founded as a separete company by us who organize Berlin Liberi to extend the range alternative cinema provides to an online platform.


A streamingsite for Independent, Obscure and Experimental films, Illambra uses a straight and fair 50/50 revenue model with film makers.


Illambra is author driven and aims to present each authors filmographies, allowng the audience to watch not only the films that have participated at Berlin Liberi, but a range of works from each film maker.


Furthermore the site acts independently, collecting and hosting filmographies from multiple film makers around the globe – always following the foundational principe of Personal voice in Cinema.


If you are interested, simply click the logo!

Film Market


At the Berlin Liberi Film market previous Festival Programs are available secure online for pre-screening purposes. If you represent an agency, festival or any other film programming organization please contact us to gain access to the library.

Call for Entries


Submissions are open on a few different platforms online, click either logo to submit through the Platform you prefer.