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Below follows a selection of trailers to films that have participated at the Festival! Many of the films are available in their full lenghts either at ILLAMBRA or directly through the film makers own media channels.


This is a growing list of films, be sure to check in every once in a while!

Twins by Pablo Radice, Argentina

Runtime: 13:06


Efrain and Jose are homocygous twins brothers. Both of them are doctors. Efrain works as an obstretician, dealing with birth. His twin brother, Jose, works as a forensic doctor in the police morgue dealing with death.

In the Meat of a Functioning Heart by Anja Høvik Strømsted, Norway

Runtime: 06:46


At the order of Jeffrey, Miriam drugs and keeps young men unconscious for unknown reasons, but grows affectionate towards the sleeping beauties.

Sisiphus by Yusuf Emre Yalçın, Turkey

Runtime: 10:14



The film begins to write its own script while the director sleeps to get to know itself. When trying to connect with the character he created, the character moves out of the script. Is it from the essence of the character, or the director of the film? The character, the film, and the director... each question his own existence as a subject...

Stella Erratica by Ben Barton,United Kingdom

Runtime: 09:25


Alone on a desolate planet. Or is he?

This experimental lo-fi sci-fi, shot on super 8 film, charts a voyage through space to another world. Although the monsters may lie much closer to home...

The film was painstakingly edited by hand, using optical effects to create an authentic, vintage style.

Contre Le Mur (La Chambre Noire) by Alexis Diop, France

Runtime: 19:11


Hundreds of pictures scattered all around the floor. Monika, an East-German woman, lost her memory and the only thing she can do is fantasizing a missing past and an impossible future. A message from her friend Kirsten, on a voice recorder, pushes her into telling her last memories.

The Sun Rose Twice by Kelby Wood, United States

Runtime: 07:33


After experiencing a miscarriage, a young woman travels across Southwestern America to the locations the first atomic bomb was conceived and detonated.

Moving Picture by James Mor, Canada

Runtime: 08:10


A work of art takes flight from it's creator.

Can he bring it back.

In our Flesh by Kit-Patrick Dafoe, Germany

Runtime: 10:00



Hypnotised by the mysterious allure of the bright lights of the discotheque and the dark recesses of its corners, Amos braves a night out to finally find what she's been searching for. Instead, she finds the darkest of urges that are pulsating in our flesh.

Nocturne by Anne Breymann, Germany

Runtime: 05:19


At night the forest creatures gather to gamble, putting their innermost at stake.

Doors of Perception by Caroline Schwarz, Germany

Runtime: 14:30


In a world where everything unknown is black infinity a nameless person has to overcome the temptation of the visible to be free. The limitation of perception causes the fear of the unknown. The unknown seems unimaginable. We don’t experience it: So do we only see what we know? “Doors of perception” is a fairy tale in black light. In a world where the unknown is black infinity an individual wakes up and has to look for her ways in darkness. She sets off to search for the familiar, the trustworthy. But does the truth lie in the visible?

BRAINBLOODVOLUME by John Carter, Germany

Runtime: 20:21


Based on the bizarre actual life events of Dutch librarian and medical student, Hugo Bart Huges, BRAINBLOODVOLUME is a stylistic interpretation of the essential moments at which Huges chose to follow through with an operation he theorized would lead to a permanent state of higher consciousness – through the ancient mind-altering procedure of trepanation. Shot without dialogue in high-contrast black and white, the film approximates the style of the original 1965 photographs taken of Bart Huges during and after his operation, while utilizing a surreal tone and imagery throughout the story.