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2018 we founded a VoD platform, Illambra - The name comes from the highly valued Grey Amber (Swedish name ambra), a rare substance found in bowels of sick sperm whales, used as ingredent in perfume. It is inspired from the novel Moby Dick, the mythic and luring story of the white whale by Herman Melville.


We use a 50/50 model for revenue and continuingly add content to the platform, this is a way for audience to discover very rare and obscure films as well as a way of supporting independent film makers.

3rd Berlin Liberi Film Festival - where audience meet film makers


Celebrating & Promoting personal voice in film – the program of our 3rd edition goes in many different directions in both style, genre and origin. Twenty films from thirteen different countries, Experimental, Documentary, Fiction, Sci-fi, Comedy, Arthouse, Satire, War, Animaton, Sex, Surreal, Dystopian... and more.


Tickets are avaiable both for individual screenings as well as discounted festival passes. The program at large is available online for our members on Patreon. Info, links and program details below.


Many film makers will travel to Berlin for the festival weekend so look forward to a weekend of films, q&a's as well as a nice bar & lounge for everyone!


Warmly welcome and see you at the festival!


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Time Table, Saturday 15th Dec.

Venue : Kino Moviemento, Kotbusser Damm 122

1800-2000 - Short Films from Belgium, Syria, US, Denmark, Germany. Genres/styles: Satire, animation, war, existential, drama, experimental, documentary

2030-2200 - Feature Film, The OX, Greece - experimental/animation/mythology & two shorts: The Seagull, Romania & Wild, Turkey - comedy/documentary/wildlife

2245-0000 - Feature Film, Phantom Islands, Ireland - experimental/documentary, presented by Experimental Film Society

0000-0200 - Bar & Mingel at Moviemento lounge

1800-2000 Short Films

Festival Pass: www.filmfreeway/festivalpass


Q&A's with attending film makers

Pink Velvet Valley

Directed by: Sébastien Petretti

Genres: Comedy, Satire

Runtime: 5 minutes 30 seconds

Country of Origin: Belgium

Shooting Format: 16mm


"A shithole somewhere in Scotland, a cab falling to bits and Alec Calan facing an acute case of Ray-ban addiction : welcome to Pink Velvet Valley!"


Sébastien Petretti

Sebastien started as an assistant director in 2006 on short films and commercials and is now directing full time crafting his own projects and directing both commercials and music videos. He has a love of ironic storytelling with a wonderful eye for framing, detail and intriguing casting. 2013 saw Sebastien shoot three music videos which featured in Promo news, he's completed filming on his first short film commissioned by the Belgian cultural office entitled 'Family For Sale' which is touring the festival circuit at present. Most recently Seb has finished up a short film called Pink Velvet Valley, nominated in a couple of short films festivals like Palm Springs or BFI London. 2015 Seb achieves a couple of commercials in Europe and middle east. 

Sébastien Patretti

Tales of Topinambur

Directed by: Jan Luis Gottwald

Genre: Animation, Experimental

Runtime: 10 minutes 22 seconds

Country of Origin: Germany

Shooting Format: Digital


"Tales of Topinambur is a hybrid animation. It is a amalgamation of green screen footage of a performer, drawing animation and collages, puppet stop-motion and realtime videos of nature. It tells a story of a puppet, Iv Ra, which is being possesed by a mystic dancer. The spell takes her into an unknown place: Topinambur."

Jan Luis Gottwald

Jan Luis Gottwald, synesthetic poet born in Poland. Studied two years of animation, now studying Fine Arts in UdK Berlin.


His area of exploration is a longing after what he calls *poepsia* [psychedelic poetry]. It is a moment, when one merges with the object of contemplation itself. The physical world diffuses into our body and our perception is being connected with the vibration of environment. We fuse with colors, textures and sounds.

Jan Luis Gottwald

People of the Wasteland

Directed by: Heba Khaled

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Runtime: 21 minutes 10 seconds

Country of Origin:  Syrian Arab Republic

Shooting Format: HD

"People of the Wasteland is an experimental short-film in a first-person point of view depicting the clashes of Syrian fighters in the front line. In the chaos of war, the lines between right and wrong become blurred. This exclusive Go-Pro footage from inside war aims to remind us that in a territory where the landscape and the people are ephemeral because of war, only the camera can remain alive, and only the image of a certain moment can remain eternal."

Heba Khaled

Heba Khaled was born in Damascus in 1986 and studied Arabic Literature at Damascus University. She worked as a radio commentator and as a freelance fixer for CNN, Al Arabiya and Reuters in Damascus and Beirut between 2011 and 2013. In 2014, she started collecting footage for her first short-film People of the Wasteland. The same year, she moved to Berlin where she assisted the filmmaker Talal Derki in the direction of his film Of Fathers and Sons, which has won the Sundance Film Festival’s World Cinema Grand Jury Prize in 2018. 

Heba Khaled

Letters from Eniwetok

Directed by: Ed Carter

Genres: Experimental, Drama, Surreal

Runtime: 12 minutes

Country of Origin: United States


"A woman who lives by the beach retrieves objects brought to her by the tide."

Ed Carter

I am a British filmmaker based in Boston, MA.



'The Funeral Director' (Director/Writer), United Kingdom, 5 min, S16mm, 2012

'Letters From Eniwetok' (Director/Writer), USA, 12 min, Digital, 2017

'Ellston Bay' (Writer), United Kingdom, 15 min, 35mm, 2018

'Lenox, MA' (Producer), USA, 10 min, Digital, 2018

Ed Carter

Konstantin Bock

Konstantin is a film and theater director, who is technically based in Berlin, but divides his time mainly between Germany, the US and Lebanon or wherever life takes him. He studied applied film, theatre and fine arts at the University of Hildesheim, and Jewish studies and the history and culture of the Middle East at the Freie Universität Berlin. As a video designer he has created work for stage productions in Oldenburg, Pforzheim, Berlin and Helsinki. With Canadian performance company Mammalian Diving Reflex, he has worked as a director, designer and creative associate in Toronto, London, Bern, Singapore, Glasgow, Philadelphia, Prague, Copenhagen, Essen, Portland, Gwangju, Hemsbach and Sydney. His film work includes commercials, music videos, short films and documentaries. His most recent documentary, HATTIE GOES CRUISING, continues to tour festivals internationally, after premiering at the 2015 New Orleans Film Festival. He has directed and edited commercials for s.Oliver, comma, Windsor., JOOP!, Hessnatur, Eterna and the German Finance Authority, with agencies in Munich, Hamburg and New York. Currently, Konstantin is developing a feature length follow-up with Hattie and a short film in Beirut.

Hattie goes Cruising

Directed by: Konstantin Bock

Genres: Documentary, Sex

Runtime: 18 minutes

Country of Origin: United States

Shooting Format: HD


"While rifling through his collection of dirty photos of horse-hung tricks, Hattie shares his vivid memories, insights, and practical advice for picking up guys, how to deal with difficult tricks and more. We also learn about the 35-year-long relationship between Hattie and his partner Allen, who never put the kibosh on Hattie's cruising habits. The film is both a brilliant look at a part of gay culture that's fast becoming extinct, and a portrait of a unique character who is as fascinating as he is endearing."

Konstantin Bock

Open Spaces

Directed by: Thomas Elley

Genres: Drama, Fiction

Runtime: 23 minutes 13 seconds

Country of Origin: Denmark

Shooting Format: Arri 2K


"There is 21 years in age between Freja and Albert who are forced to keep their romance secret from the small, but curious community on a remote Danish island."

Thomas Elley

Thomas Elley, 22, is a young, promising director from Denmark. The son of a Faroese mother, he grew up in the suburbs on Danish island, Fyn, where he started making small films in high school. He moved to Aarhus in 2016, when he was accepted into a school of film & transmedia with focus on storytelling. Despite his young age, Thomas has already written and directed three short films – his last film, Where The Trees Bend (2016), won both national and international prizes at film festivals.

Thomas Elley


Directed by: Marijke De Belie

Genres: Experimental, Animation

Runtime: 1 minute 27 seconds

Country of Origin: Belgium

Shooting Format: Hand drawn animation


"The movie FEMINAM, latin for feminin is an autonomous visual work by Marijke De Belie in which the artist plays with representations of women through the centuries .


Still it has not become a scientifical chronological enumeration of all female icons but more a flood of images as we experience in our REM



For this she uses the direct animation film technique. With a black aquarel pencil on a white plank of wood she registers the drawing process itself, in an authentic and uncomplicated drawing style."

2030-2200 Short & Feature Films

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Q&A's with attending film makers.

The Seagull

Directed by: Maria Popistasu & Alexandru Baciu

Genres: Drama, Comedy

Runtime: 15 minutes 31 seconds

Country of Origin: Romania

Shooting Format: Digital


"While temporarily hosting her ailing father, Laura finds an injured seagull in the backyard. Their newfound goal to salvage the bird is the perfect excuse to avoid talking about the real issue, the imminence of death."

Maria Popistașu

Maria Popistașu is an academically trained Romanian actress. She worked closely with the National Theater in Bucharest and debuted her international career in 2004, in BBC’s Gunpowder, Treason & Plot, directed by Gillies MacKinnon, which won a FIPA D'or Grand Prize at the Biarritz IFF. She was then cast in the harrowing British miniseries Sex Traffic for Channel Four. For her role as a young Romanian sold into slavery, she received a Gemini Award as “Best Supporting Actress”. Alongside other European titles that premiered in Berlin or Munich IFF, Maria appeared in 2008 in the German production My Mother, My Bride and I and her performance won her the 2009 Adolf-Grimme Preis. After a break, she comes back as a writer and director of The Seagull, a short film she co-directed with Alexandru Baciu.


Alexandru Baciu

Alexandru Baciu was born in 1977, in Bucharest. In 1999 he graduated from the Bucharest Film Academy as film director. He continued his studies at the University of Bucharest, Communication and PR department, from which he graduated in 2003. As a scriptwriter, Alexandru Baciu worked together with Răzvan Rădulescu and Radu Muntean for Muntean’s The Paper Will Be Blue (Locarno IFF 2006), Boogie (Cannes, Quinzaine des réalisateurs, 2008; Awarded Best Script at Hamptons IFF), Tuesday, After Christmas (Cannes, Un Certain Regard 2010), One Floor Below (Cannes, Un Certain Regard 2015; Awarded Best Script at Seville IFF and RiverRun IFF). Muntean's last film, Alice T., with a script by Alex Baciu, Răzvan Răduleascu and Radu Muntean, is now in post-production. In 2011, Alex Baciu co-directed, along with Radu Muntean, Visiting Room, a documentary produced by HBO Romania. Together with his wife, Maria Popistașu, he co-directed, in 2018, The Seagull, a short based on a script by Maria Popistașu.

Maria Popistasu

Alexandru Baciu


Directed by: Volkan Budak

Genres: Documentary, Experimental

Runtime: 9 minutes 8 seconds

Country of Origin: Turkey

Shooting Format: HD


"The film basically shows the contradiction of culture and nature. It tries to tell the contradictions of humans and animals through the buffalos and other animals living in the Kızıl River (Kızılırmak) delta in Turkey.


The freedom of the Buffalos out in the nature comes to an end when their master forcefully take them to the barns which are productions of a "culture". The plot of this Wild Documentary has been structured differently. This film is an experimental movie with documentarial features. Inside the movie, not the words but the acts of the buffalo owners were emphasized. A style of a visual expression accompanied with background music and ambient sounds was adopted instead of interviews, off-voice and interior sounds."

Volkan Budak

Volkan Budak works as an editor and director in commercial films and music video industry. He has also taken parts as a film editor, DOP and director in many documentaries and short movies throughout his career. He is having his post graduate in Motion Picture and Television Department in Marmara University. Besides his works, he organizes workshops about cinema and photography.

Volkan Budak

The OX

Directed by: Giorgos Nikopoulos

Genre: Animation, Experimental, Mythology

Runtime: 1 hour 7 minutes

Country of Origin: Greece

Shooting Format: Digital


"The aged inhabitants of an imaginary land are going through a tough test. As they are only peasants, they are forced to transform their earth into a golden kingdom by adding a magic fertiliser to their crops. Secluded from any social interaction they can do nothing but accept the commands ordered by the power. The only one who resists? A little girl free from the fear dominating the entire kingdom... The overturn has already begun."

Giorgos Nikopoulos

Giorgos Nikopoulos (1987, Katerini, Greece) studied Audio & Visual Arts focusing on animation and performing arts. He has performed as an actor in theatre and worked as a director assistant with Dimos Avdeliodis from 2010 to 2013. In 2014 he founded BAUBO Productions and completed his first animation short film Butter Bunny and his Grape must Cookies. Since October 2013 he is a PhD Candidate at Ionian University researching shadow theatre and animation as two kindred arts.

Giorgos Nikopoulos

2245-0000 - Phantom Islands, presented by Experimental Film Society

Festival Pass: www.filmfreeway/festivalpass


Phantom Islands

Directed by: Rouzbeh Rashidi

Genres: Drama, Documentary, Fiction, Romance, Alternative, Avant-garde

Runtime: 1 hour 26 minutes

Country of Origin: Ireland

Shooting Format: 4K


"Phantom Islands is an experimental film that exists at the boundary of documentary and fiction. It follows a couple adrift and disoriented in the stunning landscape of Ireland’s islands. Yet this deliberately melodramatic romance is constantly questioned by a provocative cinematic approach that ultimately results in a hypnotic and visceral inquiry into the very possibility of documentary objectivity."

Rouzbeh Rashidi

Rouzbeh Rashidi (born in Tehran, 1980) is an Iranian-Irish filmmaker. He has been making films since 2000, at which time he founded the Experimental Film Society in Tehran. He has always worked completely away from mainstream conceptions of filmmaking, striving to escape the stereotypes of conventional storytelling. Instead, he roots his cinematic style in a poetic interaction of image and sound. He generally eschews scriptwriting, seeing the process of making moving images as exploration rather than illustration. His work is deeply engaged with film history.

His films are inspired by, and constructed around, images, locations, and characters and their immediate situations. He has made bold use of a wide range of moving image devices including DSLR, VHS, DV, Super-8, Go-Pro, webcam and mobile phone. In editing, he often combines different sources of imagery and almost always does extensive post-production work on the look of his films. A skilled photographer, Rashidi has regularly experimented with unusual lenses and filters, even making his own. His feature, Phantom Islands (2018), received much praise for its distinctive blurry-edged look that resulted from using specialist 19th century lenses with a Blackmagic URSA 4K camera. Rashidi also generally designs the soundscapes that accompany his films. His decision to avoid dialogue in most films is a conscious link to early cinema, which is a frequent point of reference in his work and a reminder of his belief that cinema is always in the process of being invented and reinvented.

His films have been shown in many film festivals, galleries, and showcases throughout the world. Rouzbeh Rashidi is the recipient of the Arts Council of Ireland’s ‘Film Project Award’ and ‘Film Bursary Award’ several times for his experimental feature films and Homo Sapiens Project. Rashidi moved to Ireland in 2004 and currently lives and works in Dublin.

Rouzbeh Rashidi