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2018 we founded a VoD platform, Illambra - The name comes from the highly valued Grey Amber (Swedish name ambra), a rare substance found in bowels of sick sperm whales, used as ingredent in perfume. It is inspired from the novel Moby Dick, the mythic and luring story of the white whale by Herman Melville.


We use a 50/50 model for revenue and continuingly add content to the platform, this is a way for audience to discover very rare and obscure films as well as a way of supporting independent film makers.

3rd Berlin Liberi Film Festival - where audience meet film makers


Celebrating & Promoting personal voice in film – the program of our 3rd edition goes in many different directions in both style, genre and origin. Twenty films from thirteen different countries, Experimental, Documentary, Fiction, Sci-fi, Comedy, Arthouse, Satire, War, Animaton, Sex, Surreal, Dystopian... and more.


Tickets are avaiable both for individual screenings as well as discounted festival passes. The program at large is available online for our members on Patreon. Info, links and program details below.


Many film makers will travel to Berlin for the festival weekend so look forward to a weekend of films, q&a's as well as a nice bar & lounge for everyone!


Warmly welcome and see you at the festival!


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Time Table, Sunday 16th Dec.

Venue : Kino Moviemento, Kotbusser Damm 122

1800-1945 - Paper Wasps, Canada, presented by Obscura Filmfest Berlin - Vigilantes killing "scum" during the nights while being stalked by a vicious figure

2030-2200 - Montecastro, Argentina - comedy, drama Feature film & Short film Bolero for an Alien, silent,sci-fi, comedy

2300-0000 - Short Films from Netherlands, US and Italy, genres/styles: documentary, experimental, satire, romance, comedy, fantasy, dystopian followed by Prize Ceremony

0000-0200 - Bar & Mingel at Moviemento lounge

1800-2000 Paper Wasps, presented by Obscura Filmfest Berlin

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Paper Wasps

Directed by: Brendan Petersen

Genre: Thriller, Obscure

Runtime: 1 hour 52 minutes

Country of Origin: Canada


"Three vigilantes: Hammer Hank, Sister Mercy and Nightchild clean the streets of what they deem 'scum' during their waking hours. When they fall asleep, a vicious and manipulative dark figure known as The Wolf begins to stalk them."

Darkslide Pictures

Darkslide Pictures is an independent production studio based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. We strive to offer unique stories and visions that showcase the diversity and culture of our local surroundings. Stay tuned for more projects in the future.

2030-2230 Feature and Short films

Festival Pass: www.filmfreeway/festivalpass


Q&A's with attending film makers

Bolero for an Alien

Directed by: David Desideri

Genres: Comedy, Silent Film

Runtime: 19 minutes 32 seconds

Country of Origin: Germany

Shooting Format: Super 8, 16 mm


"An Alien arrives on planet earth. His wife, the Dark Queen, is fed up with his intergalactic love affairs. She expects her unfaithful husband at the Victory Column in Berlin. 

To the musical backdrop of Ravel's Bolero a dramatic chase throughout the entire city begins ... A film about diversity and acceptance."

David Desideri

– Born in 1967 in Nürtingen, Germany 

– Nationality: German

1986: General qualification for university entrance 

1989 – 1991: Studies German philology and philosophy in 

Tübingen, GER. 

1991 - 1995: Studies cultural pedagogy in Hildesheim, GER.

1996 – 2004: Works at several theaters in GER as assistant, actor 

and director. 

1998 – 2017: Writes 6 plays for theater. Two of them had been 


Recently „2066 – Brief Case“ (2066 - Kurzer Prozess) 

in Stuttgart, GER.

2013 – 2015: Works with his brother, Roger Desideri, on film 

scripts for short films. Inception of Fratelli Desideri 

Film Productions. 

2016: Making of A GREEK IN BERLIN. 

2017: Making of BOLERO FOR AN ALIEN.

David Desideri


Directed by: Julian Reboratti

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Music

Runtime: 1 hour 23 minutes

Country of Origin: Argentina

Shooting Format: FULLHD


"Montecastro" is a dramatic comedy, which explores new social, cultural, family and racial relationships in this great Latin city of the 21st century which is the city of Buenos Aires. 

Written and directed by Julian Reboratti, this fictional feature film describes the lives of several dissimilar inhabitants of a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city during two hot and hellish Christmas days and the spiral of violence that, irrepressibly and irrepressibly, will be generated between all of them. 

His Sound Track has the star participation of Las Pelotas, Kevin Johansen, Miss Bolivia and Los Heladeros del Tiempo, (among others), reflecting the spirit of this era and that Montecastro exposes in a sincere and direct way."

Julian Reboratti

Julián Reboratti (Buenos Aires, 1975). A multifaceted artist who investigates both in the world of painting as well as in cinema, music, television and writing. Graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute (2002), he directed the medium-length films "Novo Citizen" (2009) and "Debut and Despedida" (2011), the short film "Polvo de estrellas" (2010) and the film “Montecastro” (2017), premiered and selected at the international festival circuit. He made exhibitions, among other places, at the Recoleta Cultural Center; Argentine Social Museum; Mission Cultural Center; Borges Cultural Center; Tapioka gallery; Gallery of the Race, Walter Mc'Bean Gallery; Praxis Argentina Gallery, Masotta Torres Gallery; National Library of Argentina, The Imperia Festival and the International Short Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro, -“Benin City Film Festival” (Nigeria); “Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival” (India); “Miami Independent Film Festival” (Estados Unidos); “Indie Spotlight Film Festival” -Official Selection- (Online); “The South Film and Arts Academy Festival” (Chile).

Julian Reboratti

2300-0000 Short Films, followed by Prize Ceremony

Festival Pass: www.filmfreeway/festivalpass


Q&A's with attending film makers

We then end with a prize ceremony!


Directed by: Ruud Matthijssen & Thijs Gilbert

Genres: Comedy, Satire

Runtime: 27 minutes 25 seconds

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Shooting Format: Digital


“Klei” is a film about people living in a utopian “polder”. Flevoland is the youngest province  of the Netherlands and it’s capital Lelystad was built in the 70’s according to the ideas of the  influential French architect Le Corbusier. A mix of Dutch engineering and of the ideology  that society is ‘manufacturable.’ Also an example of mankind resisting water, resisting death.  The film uses various Roy Andersson-esque ‘tableaus’ to explore life in an artificial  environment. It reflects upon coming to terms with being an ordinary and mortal person. It  portrays everyday people trying to connect with themselves, each other and their  surroundings."

Ruud Matthijssen, Thijs Gilbert

Thijs Gilbert is a writer, actor and director from the Netherlands. He writes for television, theatre and works as an actor. He is a big fan of Daniil Charms and Joseph Campbell and he loves cheese. “KLEI” is his first short film.

Ruud Matthijssen is an actor and director from the Netherlands. He is best known for his role in Features as : New Kids Turbo and New Kids Nitro. He is a big fan of Haruki Murakami and he loves ice-cream. “KLEI” is his first short film.

Thijs Gilbert (left) & Ruud Mathhijssen (right)

Mata Laya Pata

Directed by: Kevin Vu

Film Type: Experimental, Surreal

Runtime: 12 minutes

Country of Origin: United States

Shooting Format: Digital


"An underachiever takes part in a bizarre women's self-help. Will she succeed?"

Kevin Vu

Kevin Vu is a Brooklyn NY-based filmmaker originally from the suburbs of Southern California. After completing his degree in English Literature, he experimented with video art before attending New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Film Program as an MFA candidate.

He is currently in development on a new short film and his first feature.

Kevin Vu


Directed by: Jamie Kim

Genres: Experimental, Animation

Runtime: 1 minute 42 seconds

Country of Origin: United States

Shooting Format: 16mm


"Gills is a film about yearning for a loved person that cannot be seen again. It developed after the death of my father."

Jamie Kim

Jamie is a Korea born artist/filmmaker who predominantly works with 16mm films. She finished her bachelor at California Institute of the Arts where she began her journey of working and making films in Los Angeles. Her works are derived from the mental and emotional aspect. She is focused on capturing what is impalpable and ephemeral into a tangible medium.

Jamie Kim

Non Ora (Not Now)

Directed by: Andrea Laquidara

Genre: Art/installation, Portrait

Runtime: 20 minutes

Country of Origin: Italy

Shooting format HD


"Trying to capture the face and the voice of a woman. For about twenty minutes.".

Andrea Laquidara

Andrea Laquidara (Messina, 1976) lives and works in Urbino. He is an independent filmmaker and teaches “Film Language” at the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”. He is creator and coordinator ofthe festival L’intervallo tra le cose. I luoghi della narrazione cinematografica, which takes place annually in Urbino since 2010, and the directing workshop Fuori tempo.

Here is a Lush Situation

Directed by: Samuel Valenti

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Art, Vaporwave, New Wave

Runtime: 19 minutes 18 seconds

Country of Origin: United States

Shooting Format: RED, 8mm Hi-8


"Like reading the back pages of a discarded journal revealing the thoughts of a young man slipping into madness, Hers Is A Lush Situation mixes a disjointed narrative with an underlying thread of black humor to give a subtle view on what young, urban lives really look like today. Shot in a week on location with a mixed cast of actors and local characters, the film follows the parallel lives of two confused, yet strong-willed kids who lose themselves, find each other, and lose each other again in the grimy underbelly of Philadelphia."

Samuel Valenti

Philadelphia based musician and filmmaker. Winner of Best Undergrad film for "Youth, Go to Waste!" at Temple's Diamond Screen Film Festival.


Samuel Valenti


Directed by: Kira Bursky

Film Type: Experimental, Fantasy

Runtime: 17 minutes 21 seconds

Country of Origin: United States

Shooting Format: HD


"A cult member’s sense of reality falls apart as her need for human connection overpowers her role as mother to the next saint."

Kira Bursky

All Around Artsy was founded in 2009 by Kira Bursky, a vagabonding storyteller with an insatiable hunger for magic. Kira Bursky is an award-winning young female filmmaker from Asheville, NC. Through All Around Artsy she has produced approximately 50 films that have been screened at festivals around the world from Los Angeles Film Festival to Guam International Film Festival. In 2016 she was featured in Seventeen Magazine as the April issue’s Power Girl and received the Emerging Artist to Watch grant through Le 

Couvent artist residency in France. In 2015 Kira was selected as the Best Emerging Female Filmmaker at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) as well as being recognized as a National YoungArts finalist in 2014. Also that year she was a finalist in the White House Student Film Festival and had the honor of screening her work in the White House. In 2015-2016 Kira directed two short films for Polish-fashion eyewear company Massada Eyewear. She has served as a guest speaker and juror for film festivals across the U.S. In 2018 Out Magazine, a leading LGBT media outlet, premiered her short film "Closet Made of Sheets." She is currently developing her first feature film as well as enjoying the success of her growing fanbase on Youtube nearing 10,000 subscribers as well as her 2015 short film "Tree Hugger," which just recently passed a million views on Youtube. Her short film "Close to the Window," also recently passed a million views on Miaopai, a Chinese video platform.

Kira Bursky